Real Short Good Short URL (RSGS) is very easy to use. We can't make it easier than it is!

You only have to fill in the form on the homepage and press "Shorten my URL!". The generated link will be shown directly under the button. Now you can follow the link by clicking on it, share it with your friends via AddThis service. With AddThis Service you can share your link via all types of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many others! 

The second field on the form is not required, but can be used to enter a preferred name after This is an extra service and also free. It is possible that the preferred link is used. If so, you receive an error and you can try again with another name. If you don't use it, RSGS will provide you a link, that is as short as possible.

When using RSGS, please remember it is case sensitive!